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Cymbidium Plant
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Product Description

Cymbidium orchid plants are among the easiest to grow indoors. Don't treat them like Phalaenopsis orchids -- Cymbidiums need more sunlight and cooler temps. Cymbidiums grow clumps of fat, stem-like pseudobulbs that emerge from rhizomes. Long, leathery leaves surround the pseudobulbs, arching outward. Flowers are available in pink, white, red, green and yellow. The easiest way to identify Cymbidium flowers is the contrasting 3-lobed center with a spotted lip.


Water: Keep Soil Evenly Moist From Spring Through Summer Cut Back On Watering During The Cool Period In Fall In Winter, Water Just Enough To Prevent The Potting Medium From Drying Out, Humidity: Moderate To High, Preferably Relative Humidity Use A Coolmist Room Humidifier, If Needed Indoor Air Can Become Extremely Dry During The Winter Months, Without Our Noticing It Its A Good Idea To Use A Humidity Monitor Near Your Orchids, Rather Than Guess Im Often Surprised By How The Humidity Can Fluctuate From Day To Day And Room To Room, Temperature: Average Room Temperatures (Fc), Except For A Cool Period In Fall (Fc) To Set Buds, Soil: Orchid Potting Mix Is Ideal Because It Is Fast Draining, Fertilizer: Feed Every Weeks With An Orchid Fertilizer In Spring And Summer Dont Feed While Orchid Is Resting.

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